Health and Welfare for Union Members-- Pension Fund (Please scroll down)

Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare

Members of Carpenters Local 308 enjoy health and welfare benefits through:

Health Coverage

Health (Health coverage begins after you accrued $3,030.00 dollars in a quarter)

Five Rivers Carpenters District Council Health & Welfare

C/O Eastern Iowa Fringe Benefits Funds, Inc.

1831 16th Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404

The plan, which is administered by the Eastern Iowa Fringe Benefit Funds, Inc., includes benefits in the following areas:

  • Health Care
  • Dental
  • Life Insurance
  • Vision
  • Temporary Disability (accident and sickness)
  • Death Benefits (includes travel accident but not life insurance)

For up-to-date information about the plan's coverage / benefits or to check on your eligibility contact the fund office: (319) 366-3623. Fax: (319) 362-7272 or visit the plan's website at www.5RCbenefits.com

Pension Plan

Carpenters Pension Fund of Illinois

Wilson-McShane Corporation

1431 Opus Place, Suite 350

Grove, IL 60515

Toll Free: 800-448-5825 - Office: 630-232-7166 - Fax: 630-232-0741


Retirement Saving Plan

Wilson-McShane Corporation/Carpenters and Joiners Defined Contribution Plan

3001 Metro Dr. STE 500

Bloomington, MN 55425-1617

Toll Free: 844-468-5916 - Office: 952-851-5788 - Fax: 952-854-1632

NCSRCC-MetLife Insurance
If you have questions, please call 651-379-0299 or visit web site www.northcountrycarpenter.org.

Union Labor Benefits

The UBA Life Insurance is $20,000 for active carpenters. For retired carpenters the benefit level is reduced according to age as follows:
Age: Under 50 Benefit: $20,000
Age: 50-54 Benefit: $14,000
Age:55-59 Benefit: $9,000
Age: 60-64 Benefit: $5,000
Age: 65-69 Benefit: $3,000
Age: 70-74 Benefit: $1,500
Age: 75+ Benefit: $1,000

Click here to print the OPT OUT FORM to opt out of the $15 per quarter life insurance policy. Please note that once you opt out your eligibility is terminated permanently.

American Income Life Insurance Company

$2,000.00 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit

1-800-495-1213 www.ailife.com/benefits/sg161