MIX 2020 Job Referral

To put yourself on the MIX 2020 out-of-work list, call 1-855-456-2141

To talk to DISPATCH, call 1-855-987-2020

Beginning immediately: Register by filling out and submitting the Skills Sheet you received in the mail at home, or find the skill sheet for your craft by following this link.

If you become unemployed, call the MIX 2020 dispatch office at 1-855-456-2141 to be placed on the out-of-work list. Contractor will conduct job callouts via the MIX 2020 system.

Signature Contractors MIX 2020

The Carpenters Union and our signatory contractors partner to produce the best trained, highest skilled, most productive workforce in the construction industry. This partnership helps contractors compete, stay profitable and succeed. It provides our members with quality jobs that help provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Union representatives can talk with you about the competitive advantages to your company and to your employees if you become a signatory contractor. These advantages include:

  • Access to more jobs
  • Access to a larger pool of reliable, skilled workers
  • Access to the purchasing power and stability of group health insurance and other benefits
  • Reducing the overhead and hassle of handling all recruiting, hiring and retention duties in-house

Want to know more, visit: northcountrycarpenter.org