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Learn about the Cedar Rapids, IA carpentry union

Carpenters Union Local 308 builds on the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America’s long history of improving life through hard work, education and solidarity. The UBC helps carpenters of all experience levels learn how to be the best at their chosen craft. Our chapter serves four counties in Iowa, and our office is located in Cedar Rapids, IA. Are you interested in becoming a member? Reach out to us today at 319-363-0279.

Rich history, bright future

Rich history, bright future

Our branch of the UBC started in 1899 to bring together journeymen in central and eastern Iowa. Carpenters Union Local 308 members join with the UBC's more than 500,000 journeymen. Our skilled union workers exemplify the UBC’s legacy of:

  • Superior work done right the first time
  • Job site safety
  • Excellence in partnerships with contractors

If you’re a contractor who would like to work with a skilled Carpenters Union Local 308 worker, contact us today. Are you a carpenter or apprentice? Become a member today.